How to have an Awesome Party!

Barrel Full of Help

Planning a kids party can be daunting. Here are a few powerful hints to move your party from ok to amazing!

You can download these helps by clicking on the PDF button here.

1. INVITATIONS. When sending out invitations, make sure that the children arrive about 15 minutes before the start time of your entertainer. This prevents any of the children missing out.


2. PARTY TIMES. Organise the party heading towards lunch time or heading towards tea time. Good times are 11am-1pm (ideal for lunch) and allowing time to do other things in the afternoon. Or 3pm-5pm then the party food becomes tea-time! Also mid afternoon parties can be difficult for some to attend.

3. BOOK YOUR ENTERTAINER FIRST.  Entertainers book up very quickly, and often well in advance. It might be better to book your entertainer before you book your venue.


4. TABLES SET UP. When setting up the tables for the food, remember to allow room for the games. Also, if you are having a magic show NEVER surround the magician in a horseshoe shape, it is a professional show, so everyone should be sitting "theatre" style, with no one behind the entertainers, or directly to the side, as this might reveal a "magical secret" and spoil the magic!


5. BOUNCY CASTLES, are loads of fun, but during a show is always the worst thing for everyone, as it will DEFINITELY distract the children from the entertainment. If you must have a Bouncy Castle,ALWAYS, have it deflated during the entertainment.


6. PARKING. Always make sure you have a space near an entrance to your venue for the entertainer to park without worrying about long walks or getting a parking ticket!  They will most certainly have lots of equipment to unload, and a worried entertainer isn't a good entertainer.


7. BALLOONS. We know that putting balloons over the floor might seem like a nice idea, but it is definitely not recommended! This can actually cause havoc as it will be a distraction during the entertainment, and smaller children may cry if a balloon gets popped! However putting balloons on the wall is quite nice. Balloons outside a venue can be good to show the guests where the party is taking place.


8. OUTDOOR PARTIES. Great idea in the summer, but remember this is England!  If you do go for the outside option, have a gazebo for shelter if the weather turns poor, and have some rugs for the children to sit on. 


9.                 THINGS THAT MAKE A NOISE (other than the kids).If you have these, give them out in the latter part of the party. They can be very distracting and certainly get annoying after about five minutes. Also, children tend to run with these in their mouth, please bare in mind for their safety.


10. BIRTHDAY CAKE. Arrange with the entertainer when you'd like to present the birthday cake, as they will probably have "Happy Birthday" song on their sound system!


11.SEATING. You'll be amazed how you can treble the fun just by getting this right! When setting up the room, adults sitting around the edge's of the room during the games is kinda ok, but during the magic, encourage the adults to bring their chairs behind the kids sitting on the floor. The atmosphere will go through the roof! It's the same principle as to why going to the cinema or theatre is way beyond sitting in front of the telly!